Trade divergences

PlumSquare Software’s Trade Divergences is a powerful tool for your stock trading strategy. By identifying divergences between MACD and price in stocks and updating automatically, our app does the research for you and provides you with a daily list of high-probability trading ideas.

Based on «Trading for a Living» author Dr. Alexander Elder’s ebook, «Two Roads Diverged: Trading Divergences», our app implements his indicator set for technical analysis — Impulse System, two moving averages, Autoenvelope, MACD lines and histogram, and Force Index — for the first time on iPad, with a monthly subscription price that equals a single round-trip trade from most brokerages.

Divergences are not an automatic «buy» or «sell» signal or a trading system, but they offer one of the strongest signals in technical analysis. These divergences are clearly seen in charts, but the process of pre-screening stocks and then checking this list against the charts to find divergences can be a time-consuming process, particularly for an individual.

These divergences are primarily useful for swing traders, as they are best at identifying trades that last from a few days to a few weeks. However, the weekly divergences can be used as a tool for trend traders as well.

Trade Divergences delivers these signals right to your iPad in an easy-to-read format, equipping you with powerful ideas for your trading day.

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Decisions and Actions

Traders know that good execution takes good planning. Divergences work best with short-term trades, so we provide both weekly and daily charts. The weekly chart will identify the bigger picture, and the daily chart provides the point of execution.

The Right Options

Information is good, too much is confusing. There are endless choices available to traders when it comes to how much and what kind of information they use. We keep it simple and powerful,giving you the options of:

  • Weekly and daily charts
  • Bars or candlesticks for your charts
  • Dr. Elder’s powerful combination of technical indicators, without any unnecessary clutter
  • Plenty of tickers, but only those which are traded at volumes over 500,000 shares daily
  • Flexible subscription plans — monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, or yearly

Not Just Software

Automated screeners lack human understanding. Software can sort data quickly and efficiently, but it takes a human mind to discern the underlying psychological aspects behind the numbers. That’s why the tickers we provide have been screened hands-on by real traders before they are sent to your app. Then we monitor those divergences so that if they don’t work, we can quickly alert you by marking them canceled.

Play Favorites

We know you have preferences. That’s why we’ve included the option to pin your favorite stock tickers to your watch list. The only restriction is that it be one of the tickers we screen, and for good reason. Stocks that trade less than 500,000 shares daily on average are less liquid and don’t always follow trading formulas, which are established by mass psychology. We want to make your trading as predictable and simple as possible.

Daily updates

Start every trading day right with a list of high-probability trading ideas. While trade divergences aren’t guaranteed every day, most days you will open your app to find 5–15 stocks which have a very good chance of being a good trade. While nothing will ever take the place of your own research, our Trade Divergences app will jump-start your trading day by giving you a powerful starting point. It’s like having an assistant do research for you while you sleep!

Ticker list

Your daily shopping list for trades. The results of our research is displayed in an easy to read list of stock symbols each day, providing a road map for the trading day ahead. If you want to monitor a stock that comes up on the list, you can pin that ticker to your list as well to watch for future signals.

Clear visual cues

A quick glance gives you the information you need to make a decision. Trade divergences are not automatic buying or selling triggers, but they are one of the most powerful technical signals available that a stock is turning bullish or bearish. While doing additional research and making a well-informed decision is always recommended, the daily and weekly charts our app provides give a clear, concise, and technically beautiful visual cue for each stock listed, and can be viewed with bars or candlesticks. Get the information you need to know in just a few seconds to determine if you should move on a trade or find out more.


  • While it is possible to have zero divergences for a day, on average there are 5–15 each day
  • Only stocks with daily volume over 500,000 are scanned
  • Monthly, Quarterly, and Yearly subscriptions available
  • Stocks listed with divergences are monitored throughout the day, and if the divergence doesn’t work you are notified with that listing marked as canceled
  • Make your own watch list of favorite stocks
  • Charts can be viewed as bars or candlesticks

High-probability, daily trading ideas
for the cost of a single trade

Our subscription plans start at just $7.99/mo when you subscribe for 1 year, which equals the price of commissions for one trade at most brokerages. Users may also sign up for 1 month, 3 month, or 6 month subscriptions.

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